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Moving within Central Oregon

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Moving can be an exciting time! New home, new neighbors, new adventures… But making that move can be a lot of work. There are some things that you can do to help make your move stress-free.

Central Oregon Movers
Central Oregon Movers

When moving to a new home, it’s easy to forget about some of the smaller aspects that are more important than you might think. Like for instance, remembering to notify and even transfer your utilities and service workers. Be sure to check your contracts, some providers require advanced notice, sometimes even a month.

Here are some utilities to remember to notify well before your move: Cable/Satellite, internet providers, garbage, power, sewer, trash collection, water, and gas. Also if you have maintenance or cleaning services, they would also appreciate a heads up. For more moving resources and a list of local providers, you can visit Central Oregon Relocation Resources.

Most importantly, you want to notify USPS with your address change, so you don’t have an interruption in mail delivery.

If you find you have unwanted items, there are thrift stores that offer free pickup. For example The Opportunity Foundation and Humane Society.

One of the best things about Central Oregon is the friendly neighbors. If you have developed friendships in your neighborhood, or even just acquaintances, you could make up a card letting them know your new location. That way when you plan your housewarming party, they will know where to find you! Remember not ALL people are on social media!

And a final moving tip from Higher Ground Moving, it makes things run smoother for you, if you plan ahead for your most needed items. It’s a good idea to have a packed bag with essential clothing and toiletries, and also temporary tableware, or pack one place setting for each person separately. That way on your first day in your new home, you have your essential needs covered and you can find the time to relax!

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