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Moving with ODOT

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Did you know that in the state of Oregon all Oregon based licensed and insured moving companies are regulated by The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT). That’s right, if you are a business who use a vehicle on the roads of Oregon ODOT regulates what you do. The ODOT regulated tariffs tell us what to charge, when to charge it and the hours we work. ODOT even regulates our materials and what we charge for them.

You may wonder why we’re telling you this. Well, we want to make sure our clients have all the information needed to make an informed decision. As long as all the moving companies in your area are charging the same rates, the only comparisons to really make are who is the best at what they do, who has the friendliest staff, most professional moving crews, and who is willing to go that extra mile with a smile.

This also means all of our movers are background checked, our drivers have to pass a DOT medical exam as well as a DMV check, and that whatever company you choose (as long as they have a DOT#) is guaranteed to be licensed and insured.

Here at HGM we know what customer satisfaction means, we like to add those little extras, and we’re here to answer all your questions whether you book with us or not. Need more proof? Check out our many 5-star reviews

Our tariff may come with many rules and regulations but we do love doing things by the book, being able to give accurate quotes and allowing our clients to see what we see. Transparency is just one of the many things people love about Higher Ground Moving. We also like that all quotes are non-binding; this gives us the opportunity to complete a job more quickly and charge you less than the original quote. The tariffs are available to the public here. Please don’t feel bad if you need some assistance in understanding how this works, we practically had to take a class (no really), but we have expert moving consultants standing by to answer any of your questions in a much more human friendly manner.

We’re licensed to perform moves ranging from household goods to commercial.

We do donations runs, moves across town or across the state and we’ll even move you across the street. We also offer many options for labor only services such as furniture rearranging, move out for remodels, and have an in-house personal organizer!

What more could you ask for?

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