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Moving Companies in Bend, Oregon

Updated: Feb 2

If you’ve lived in Bend for a while, you have seen the growth over the last several years. Growth means more people moving, it’s no surprise why people want to live in Central Oregon. So many new residents mean new businesses moving in as well.

This means there is a great variety of moving companies as well, each offering unique services. Be sure to do some comparisons on the services offered from each company to be sure your needs are being met. This is why we offer a range of services from moving 1 heavy piece to relocating you across the state.

You will notice some companies specialize in long distance moves with special trucks and equipment designed for long hauls. If you are just moving across town or a few miles away this may be more than you need.

There are moving series in Bend, Oregon that are local, that are family owned, and designed for this type of move. Be aware there are plenty of companies that claim to be local, but are really out of state.

Ask for some expert advice from a friendly moving company right here in Bend, OR. Higher Ground Moving is local, family-owned, and can answer all of your questions about moving.

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