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Pack An Essentials Box Before Your Move

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Before your next move you should prepare an essentials box.

What is an Essentials Box?

Set aside and pack into a separate box all the things you’ll need for your last two days in your current home and the first two days in your new home, including dishes, food items, small appliances (coffee maker/toaster), dishcloth, cleaner, soap, toilet paper, etc.

Benefits of An Essentials Box

The essentials box should be the last box you pack before you move out of your old home so it’s a good idea, while you’re going through the cupboards, drawers, and shelves, to identify what you’ll need for the first few hours and days in your new home. This box will be the first box you open and should include items that will enable you to provide small meals, clean your home, deal with small emergencies and possibly entertain your family while you unpack the rest of your home.

Some people opt for packing an essentials box for every room in their house. A classic strategy is to pack one box with essentials for doing daily tasks than one box per family member going to the new home. We recommend that you mark these boxes with giant letters or stickers that let you movers know to not pack these boxes. Even better, pack your essential boxes then put them in your car or in an area of the home that is out of the way and labeled DO NOT LOAD.

What are Family Essentials?

*  Toilet Paper is the #1 thing to make sure you have at the new home! It’s also very kind of you to leave a roll behind (no pun) at your old address

*  Dish soap and hand soap

*  Dishtowel and dishcloth

*  All-purpose cleaner (unopened so it doesn’t leak)

*  Coffee maker and coffee with cups!

*  Toaster or small toaster oven

*  A super easy food item for one dinner and one lunch or be prepared to order take out

*  Snacks

*  Beverages like a great local beer or kombucha from one of the over 30 breweries in our area

*  Pet food and dishes!

*  Mug, plate, fork, knife, spoon for each member of the family

*  All-purpose cutting knife

*  Scissors or craft knife to open the rest of your boxes

*  Small emergency kit with Band-Aids in case the scissors or knife slip

*  Flashlight/candles/matches

*  Shower curtain because you will need to shower the day off for sure!

*  Shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrush, floss, and paste

*  A change of clothing and towel for each member of the family

*  Garbage bags

*  Portable tool kit

*  A box of important records such as medical records, passports, leases, financial information, etc

Personal Items

*  Clothes

*  Toothbrush

*  Medicines

*  Toiletries

*  Books

*  Electronics (laptop, iPad, eReader, etc.)

*  Phone (nobody forgets their cell phone when it’s glued to their hip)

You may not be ready to pack your Essentials Box yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start making a list of items to include. The rule of thumb is to include all the essentials that you’ll need for at least 24 hours. Presumably, there’s a grocery or convenience store nearby, but, just in case, you should have some foodstuffs on hand that you can quickly prepare for your family especially for your first night. It might be late by the time you arrive, and you’ll be tired and ready for a quick dinner then a good night’s sleep.

Ready to move? Give us a call and relax. Your move is easy with us.

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