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Commercial Moves Bend Oregon

Higher Ground Moving is known for it's care and efficiency when moving a commercial entity.

Planning for a commercial move involves a complex to-do checklist. The earlier the plan is put in place the better.

The plan begins with assessing the details of the new address, and knowing the exact relocation of each item before the packing begins. Consider getting rid of any furniture and clutter before hiring a moving company to help reduce the cost. Also know ahead of time if you will need a storage service, depending on the needs of the company and the size of the new location.

Next consider hiring a project manager or a personal organizer to help with your venture. You're in luck with HGM since we have a personal organizer on our staff, and can help you manage your commercial move, and limit the interruption to you and your business.

You can feel confident that you will have an elevated moving experience with HGM. We take pride in doing a job well.

Helpful Links for Moving

  • Contact the Franchise Tax Board for change of address. Use form 3533.

  • Contact the IRS for change of address.

  • Contact the Employment Development Department for change of address.

  • Contact the Secretary of State for change of address.

  • Contact the United States Postal Service.

  • Contact your local county tax collector for a change of address.

Finally if you want to explore all the aspects of a commercial move, and see if you are missing anything, check out this Business Move Checklist from HughesMarino.

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